UP: In the name of Mid-Day Meal children are being served Sub-Standard Quality of Food

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Bahraich: In the Government Schools the Mid-day Meal Scheme is currently in force, but the majority of times there has been complaints about the food that is being served to children. Abhigya Foundation team visited Government School at BhagwanpurKaringa in Nawabganj block and also had Mid-day Meal with the students.

Abhigya Foundation’s founder Mr. Bhartendu Trivedi and Program Manager Mr. Paawan Mishra went to understand the issues about the quality of food and thus, they tried the meals themselves while sitting along with the students on the floor.

After trying the food, they were of the view that the Vegetable Pulao that was being served was of sub-standard quality. In the pulao, only rice and potato could be seen. Insufficient amount of oil was used to prepare the meal. The amount of turmeric used was also less but the chili powder was used extravagantly.

The food was so dry that the Abhigya team members found it difficult to swallow. When the team members discussed the issue with the School’s principal Mr. Arun Kumar Pathak, he said that whatever is being sent, is being cooked. The school’s cook also responded similarly. When the team tried contacting village Pradhan to discuss the issue, he was unavailable in the village.

In the financial year 2018-19, the government spent approximately Rs. ten and a half lakhs on this scheme, which has a provision of feeding nutritious, hot meals to approximately 12 crore school children. The government enforced this scheme so that attendance in government schools could increase, but the results indicate that till now the scheme has not been able to achieve desired results.

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