Is it impact of unemployment or less awareness: earn money today, education is not very important feels parents in remote villages of UP

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Bahraich: Ramesh (name changed), age 9 years… He is very busy since morning. Everyone is trying to search him and get work done. Almost 15 villagers visited his home in 3 hours. Reason… he is a good barber such as his father. He and his father opted for earning some money rather than going to school. This is not a story of a special boy, in remote villages of UP around 17% parents feel the same and not giving much importance to education.

This is the story of a village Bhagwanpur Karinga, in Nawabganj Block of Bahraich district. This week, villagers organized local fest. In this festival, they celebrated Ramlila and dance and in the fair, villagers from all adjacent villages came to celebrate. This was a big day for Bhagwanpur Karinga and everyone like to be in a good shape. Since morning they started to search the Barber for shaving and cutting the hair. It was a good opportunity for Ramesh and his father. But his father needed to go to the farm for plowing the field. So he gave charge to Ramesh.

An NGO working in Bahraich district, Abhigya Foundation, visited the village and talked to Ramesh. He shared, “I am working since morning, though I am not going to be paid for this, at the time of crop harvesting I will get my share from people to whom I render services.” NGO Manager Paawan Mishra told us that everyone should understand if a 9 years old kid could be a good barber, why can’t he be a good student. Parents should understand this point. He told us that NGO collected data from 12 villages in Nawabganj block and according to the data 17% parents feel that earning money is more important than sending kids to the school.

NGO team visited the schools in the village where they were told that generally, the schools had 60 to 65% attendance but due to the fair, it has decreased to 15%.  NGO team tried to discuss with parents to know the reasons behind this scenario. They also tried to tell them about the importance of education in their children’s life.

Abhigya Foundation is working towards improving the primary education by decreasing the communication gap between the students and the parents and also amongst the parents and the teachers. Abhigya Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of education so that children from these areas could stand along with their counterparts in India and with the world at large. This initiative has been undertaken as by 2030 India will have the largest youth population in the world.



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