Judge sentencing 5 years jail to Salman gets transfered; session court to give verdict today

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Dev Kumar Khatri, the judge who sentenced 5  years imprisonment to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan for killing two blackbucks 20 years ago, has been transferred out in a major reshuffle of Rajasthan’s judicial officers ordered by the High Court. Jodhpur Sessions Judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi, who is expected to decide today if Salman Khan spends more time at the Jodhpur central jail or not, has also been moved out.

The judge on Friday, had  put off the hearing by a day as he wanted to see the entire case record before deciding whether Salman Khan should be granted bail.

Both the judges are among 87 judicial officers transferred by the Rajasthan High Court. Judges in Rajasthan are usually transferred between April 15 and 30 every year on the recommendation of a committee set up by the High Court.
Judge Joshi has been transferred from Jodhpur to Siroh in Rajasthan.

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