Jugaad technology at is best

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Lucknow: Innovation is not bound to age, experience or education all it takes is an inquisitive and creative mind. Indians from time immemorial are best known for jugaad technology. And this attempt of rural innovation proves why we are the best.

The rickshaw-pullers have found a novel and a cost-effective way to ride high on speed. In the time when even a scooty cost more than Rs 40,000, Rickshaw-pullers have assembled a “jugad gadi”  just for Rs20,000. The vehicle is a new avatar of the familiar three wheelers (thela)  and the only difference is that it is being run by scooter engine.

Rajesh with his “Jugaad Gadi”

These locally made motor vehicles are mostly used a low-cost transportation in small towns and cities in India. Rajesh a cart puller from Jankipuram , Lucknow, is all hail and hearty with his Juggad Thela. In his conversation with  The2is.com, Rajesh reveals that his cart earns him a daily wage of Rs 300 on an average and also requires less effort as its self-driven like other Motor vehicles.  He got the cart assembled in Rs 20000 which give a millage of 30km/l.

Juggad the Indian DIY

Jugaad is a colloquial  Hindi term which means a creative idea, or a quick workaround to get through commercial, logistic or law issues. To put it straight we can even refer to it as the Indian DIY (Do it yourself ) technology. The Jugaad movement has gathered a community of enthusiasts, believing it to be the proof of Indians bubbling with creativity, or a cost-effective way to solve the issues of everyday life.

Jugaad gadi is mostly used in small villages as a means of low cost transportation in rural India. Jugaad (also sometimes jugard) literally means an improvised arrangement or work-around, which has to be used because of lack of resources.

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