Karnataka Assembly polls start, here’s all you need to know

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Bengaluru: The Karnataka assmbly elections have begun, and voters have started voting at 55600 different polling station . The state has a voting population of 5 crore, But the biggest question right now s who wil for the government on 15 May. Heres a highlight on the Karnataka assembly elections.

  • The fight in the state is majorly between Congress, BJP, and JDS.
  • The voting has been postponed in few of the constituencies. In Jaynagar the elections were postponed due to the sudden demise of a BJP candidate. 10 thousand voters at Raj Rajeshwari Nagar did not receive Voter id cards hence the voting has been potponed to 28 may.
  • The total male voteing population  is 2.52 crore
  • The total female voting populatio is 2.44 crore
  • The Transgender voting population is 4552.
  • There are arround 55, 600 polling booths created for conducting the election.
  • 3.5 lacs police and paramilitary forces have been deputed for free and fair elections.
  • An app has ben launched , which will inform that how manyvoters are stading in the que in a given time.
  • After 1985 no party been able to win the election twice in karnataka.
  • The Siddharamaiya led congress govt. has been in power since 2013.
  • The present Chiefe minister Siddharamaiyah is contesting election from  Badami and Chamundeshwari constituencies
  • The former CM Yedyyurappa is contesting elections from Shikaripur costituencies.

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