#KarnatakaResults ; All eyes on Karnataka governor Vajubhai Vala

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Bengaluru: No party in the Karnataka Assembly election has got a clear majority. Though the BJP has bagged the most number of seats still it has not been able to get a clear majority in Karnataka. On the other hand the congress has managed to form an alliance with JDS and is very close in its trial of keeping BJP away from the governance in Karnataka. In this situation, all eyes are at the state’s governor Vajubhai Vala.

Who is Vajubhai Vala

Vajubhai Vala has been the speaker of Gujarat Assembly since 2012 to 2014 and the state BJP chief during 2005 and 2006. He was one of very few Keshubhai Patel confidantes to have survived the power transition in Gujarat BJP as Vala managed to secure his position in the Modi-led cabinet as well.

What option does Vala  have

If Vala follows tradition, he is expected to invite the single largest party (BJP) to form the government. But in recent past, that practice has not been followed in Goa and Manipur where Congress was the single largest party. So the governor has to play a key role in Karnataka. He may ask the allied parties Congress and JDS or call upon the BJP as it has managed to secure the maximum number of seats.

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