Kerala celebrates eradication of NIPAH in Bollywood style

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The outbreak of the Nipah virus that killed 17 people in the southern state of Kerala was declared eradicated on  Sunday. India had its first encounter with the virus in May, this year when three people were reported to have died from it. Health officials soon moved swiftly to identify and quarantine anyone who might have had contact with those people.

In total, 19 people were infected; the last two people who were infected but recovered were discharged from the hospital last month.

People are quite relieved after this declaration and the celebrations were accompanied by a music video, released by a group of local artists whose aim was to show the unity of the people of Kerala.
The video is set in a celebratory mood. The video was shot over three days, and all the artists provided their services for free, said the video’s director, who goes by the name Regilesh Star Voice. State’s Department of Health and Family Welfare.  The video shows locals enjoying their everyday lives, going to malls and working in markets, a marked change from the subdued condition of the past two months. Young girls dance on the streets, and older men sit and chat in restaurants. Watch the video here…


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