Tailor’s son from Kerala receives package of 19 lakhs

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Kollam: The unshakable determination of Justin Fernandez has earned him an associate directors job at  the package of 19 lakhs.This is the highest (position and pay) which has ever been offered to any student in IIM-Nagpur. Throughout his life, he has fought many personal battles and smashed all of them.

The 27-year-old, whose father can barely make ends meet through tailoring, has bagged the highest package of ₹19 lakh in campus placement. With his family’s total annual income of just ₹50,000 it’s always been difficult to manage the household. But Justin’s aunt understood the importance of education and financed his studies till class 12th

Recalling the difficult days, Justin was reported saying, that his grandfather was a tailor and subsequently his father too was drawn into the same business. But, readymade garments spelt doom for his family and several like him. Ration through PDS was their main source of food.

After finishing BTech from a government college with the help of scholarships, Justin who hails from Kollam in Kerala worked with a software company for over 2 years and kept preparing for MBA alongside.  He got into IIM-Nagpur in his second attempt and joined their MBA program.

The boy with stellar academics outshone everyone else in his batch when Hyderabad-based Value Labs offered him the job of an associate director with a lucrative package of ₹19 lakh.

Both his package and the position are the highest so far to have been offered to any student at IIM-Nagpur.

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