KFC to launch it’s “VEGETARIAN” fried “CHICKEN”

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London: Not everyone is a chicken lover. They eat vegetables. Such people believe that non-veg may harm their health. to some extent this belief is right. For the heart disease, the meat of the four-legged animal is largely responsible. The vegetarians might not know the taste of non veg, but soon they too will get to know how the chicken tastes originally.

Vegetarians might now eat chicken without any regrets

The expansive chicken frying empire KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)  is reportedly developing a vegetarian chicken substitute to test out in the U.K. sometime in 2019.  Veg eaters will eat chicken! Yes, this might be astonishing to you. If you eat veg, and have ever longed for eating chickent then you would  also be able to eat it very soon. You might be thinking that chicken is non-veg then how can you eat this? Let me  tell you You may know that the biggest names in serving non-veg food includes the Kentucky Fried Chicken i.e. KFC. So this KFC is going to serve Veg Chicken. According to KFC, the have found the substitute required for veg-chicken and the trial is underway. This  recipe is named vegetarian fried chicken.

Why this dish is being launch in the UK?

One in every four people in the UK is fat. In such a situation, people have become quite concerned about health. People have reduced the non-veg food. this has adversely affected the sales o KFC’s products. Keeping this in mind, the company has claimed to be producing a chicken which will be made entirely of veg products, but the eater would think that he is eating real chicken. Yes, chicken may be veg but KFC will coat 11 spices on it. Just as they do for the real chicken.

Trying to compete with McDonald’s veg burger

KFC took this decision because the company’s rival McDonald dropped the veg burger in Finland after their sales fell in October and people took it hand in hand. People liked the Veg-Burger so much that they started getting away from KFC’s chicken. In such a situation KFC is compelled to adopt a new strategy.

We don’t know how KFC plans to make its veggie chicken substitute, but presumably the global chain won’t just wing it. Popular meatless alternatives currently include seitan, a high-protein product made of wheat gluten, and a number of soy-based alternatives.

A KFC spokesperson said its meat-free research is part of a broader push at the chain to reduce calories per serving by 20 percent and introduce a number of lower calorie options.

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