Kolkata smiles with fresh air today, click to know the pollution level of your city

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The following is the Air Quality Index of some cities as recorded by the plume air quality monitoring app,  at 10:00 am today. The Air Quality Index is based on measurement of particulate matter that is PM2.5.

DELHI : 121 P.AQI  Very high pollution

LUCKNOW  : 41 P. AQI   Moderate pollution

KANPUR: 33 P.AQI Moderate pollution 

VARANASI: 38 P. AQI   Moderate pollution

JHANSI : 26 P. AQI   Moderate pollution

MEERUT: 181 P. AQI   Excessive pollution

AGRA: 117 P. AQI   Very High pollution

KOLKATA : 12 P. AQI   Fresh Air

CHENNAI: 98 P. AQI   High pollution

HYDERABAD: 48 P. AQI   Moderate pollution

Source: Plume Air quality monitor, App

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