Kolkata student sex assault: Principal reveals victim name; school says ‘accident’

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Kolkata: GD Birla School in south Kolkata where a four-year-old was sexually assaulted last week allegedly by two teachers – now in custody – is in a deeper mess. Principal Sharmila Nath sent out a letter to all parents of the school on December 2 explaining the reason why the school was shut for an indefinite period. Unfortunately, and contrary to all practical and ethical standards, she mentioned the name of the four-year-old girl who was assaulted.

The letter, addressed to all parents and signed by principal S Nath, voiced that the school shared the parents’ concern about their children. Later, the letter mentioned that the case of (name of child) was under investigation by the police.The naming of the victim in a case as sensitive as this has left parents of the school’s students shocked.

The school spokesperson, Subhash Mohanty, said it was unfortunate that the name of the child had been revealed. He justified it as an “accident, resulting out of the stress that every person is in due to the situation”.He was, however, more worried about the legal implications this might have rather than the effect it might have on the child.The school authorities had earlier denied all allegations, terming the incident ‘a small mischief’.

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