Madhya Pradesh: Student finds way around ‘Blue Whale challenge’

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Bhopal: A class X student of a government high school in a Madhya Pradesh district has suggested a simple way to save gullible minors from falling victim to Blue Whale challenge — by formatting their cell phones.Om Prakash Chouhan, resident of district headquarters town of Betul, got hooked to the dangerous game and later saved himself from falling victim to it by adopting the tactic.

“I got hooked to the game after I downloaded the programme onto my cell phone from a link from Facebook. A sense of fear overwhelmed me as I progressed in the game. Death threats for me and my family were sent to me whenever I wanted to opt out of the challenge. Several times, I challenged the intimidating instructions thinking that the game would not disturb me further. But, it was in vain,” he said on Thursday.

“One day, I decided to format my mobile which would delete the game and that finally ended my ordeal,” Mr Chouhan said who was later counselled by experts after he brought the matter to the police.He suggested that people who have been hooked to the game to adopt the method and snap out of it.

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