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NGT Order Fails To Check Burning of Garbage

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@ Lucknow Municipal Corporation defying its own ban!

SaujanyaTripathi, Lucknow

Alarmed by the increasing air pollution the National Green Tribunal had banned burning of garbage but its order has failed to make any impact, at least on Lucknnow Municipal Corporation (LMC). Even the workers of LMC burn the garbage with impunity. Though its a common sight,the higher officials say that no instance of garbage burning has come to their notice.  Heaps of garbage at the dumping ground on the outskirts of city smoulder round the clock resulting in permanent smog over a wide area.

Lucknow Municipal Corporation
Garbage burning in the city

It is interesting to note that the LMC had banned burning of garbage and it was announced that a penalty of Rs 500 will be imposed on anyone found to be doing so. Ironically enough its own work force is defying the ban by setting heaps of garbage on fire daily after sweeping the roads in almost all localities. Surprisingly, the officials of the Municipal Corporation say that the ban is fully in force and no case has been found of burning of garbage.

Burning of garbage and crop residues have been banned in India by NGT (National Green Tribunal). NGT has issued notices in this regard to the UP, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan governments to make its citizens aware of ill effects of smoke emanating from garbage burning. According to NGT burning of garbage causes high level of air pollution (around 30 %). The policy holds penalty for garbage burning, but it has proved to be ineffective. Ludhiana has been ranked 12th most polluted city in the world by WHO, which is again due to heaps of garbage being burnt.

Lucknow Municipal Corporation
Garbage burning in UP. Image credit: Muqeed

Burning Garbage Emanates Toxic Gases

Garbage consists of variety of waste materials such as plastic and other non- biodegradable materials which on being burnt pollute the atmosphere making the air hazardous we breathe. During the winters, the burnt-garbage-caused smoke gets deposited in the form of thick layer of smog aggravating the menace of pollution. The hazardous Particles generated by Garbage Burning are Dioxins Hexachlorobenzene Volatile Organic compounds Particulate Substances Ash Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Carbon Monoxide, which are highly toxic and have very harmful effects on our health.

8 challans in 6 months!

Lucknow Municipal Corporation had banned burning of garbage in December 2016 when a large part of Northern India was engulfed in deadly smog for many days in a row. As per the records, only 8 challans have been done and 58 Nagar Nigam staff penalized so far. The penalty is one day wage cut.

A senior Nagar Nigam officer, Akhtar Mehendi Abdi says that enforcing ban is not easy as Municipal Corporation is not authorized to issue challans after sunset. Those involved in garbage burning belong to weaker sections of society such as slum dwellers, laborers and daily wage earners who cannot afford to pay fine, Abdi added.

The workers and sweepers appointed by the Municipality are not given any training of waste and garbage disposal. The workers need to be given some training, making them aware of the health hazards of garbage burning. Apart from this, there is no provision where wastes could be categorized, segregated and disposed-off accordingly.

Lucknow Municipal Corporation
most polluted cities of the World

UP’s four District lists in top 20 most polluted cities of the World

According to the WHO report on May’2016, Allahabad tops the list of most polluted city, while Lucknow ranks fourth in the list. As per the report, Kanpur holds the second position in the most polluted cities in India.

While Zabol tops the list of most polluted cities in the world, Gwalior in India sits at the second position. Allahabad ranks third, while Patna sixth and Raipur seventh in the list of most polluted cities in the world. Delhi stands at eleventh position.

According to WHO, air pollution takes heavy toll on human lives. Around 30 lacs of lives are lost every year due to air pollution.Air pollution claims1 in every 8 lives. Mostly it is causedfrom the firewood, coal and traditional forms of cooking and the smoke emitted from the vehicles.

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