Now you can order ‘Antim Kriya’ kit online just at Rs 2950

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‘Change is the only constant’ and in this process of change and development, we have reached unimaginable heights. Did you ever imagine that grocery, clothes, toiletries or should I rather put it as anything under the sun will just be a click away after the rise of e-commerce sites? This in a way has been of great help to us but has also restricted our mobility, we no longer plan shop-hop trips with freinds and family, because sitting on the couch with our mobile phones in hand serves almost all or purposes.

In the recent times e-commerce websites have been a trendsetter for online shopping. Here’s an e-commerce website which has come up with the world’s first all-inclusive Final Rites Kit (Antim Kriya) for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs. It really came as an astonishment to me as it must have come to you.

The kit includes 38 Items including stretcher: Whats Inside Box: Stretcher, Tripod, White Cloth, Shawl, Mat, Garland, 2 Pots, Earthen diya , Camphor, Cotton piece, Cotton batti, Incense sticks, Vibhuti, Gaumutra, Perfume, Rose water, Gangajal, Honey, Matchbox, Rope, White  thread, Janoi, Nada chhadi, Black Tal, Jav(Barley), Black abil, White abil, Kumkum, Gulaal, Haldi, Cowdung, Chandan powder, Chandan lakdi, Kurmure , Chawal, Oti che saman, Beetlenut, Blade. The kit is portable, The strecher is made of 100% Bamboo and the advertisement even states that, no expertise are required and that the kit could be assembled in 2 minutes. all this just at a reasonable price of Rs 2950

All one needs to do is order it a day before, but this is practically not possible, so you can hold the obsequies for a day and wait for the Sarvapooja final rites (antim kriya) kit to arrive.

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