This is how Rs 25/- can save your child from anemia!!

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Lucknow: Is your child suffering from anemia? no matter if your child looks healthy from appearances he may be suffering from an acute problem of lack of haemoglobin. According to the latest government reports in India, 58% of children from the age group of 6months to 5 years are suffering from anemia. however, there is a cure just by spending Rs 25 a year can save your child.

Primary causes of anemia.
National Family Health Survey -4 According to the report, children with lack of iron, vitamins, iodine and zinc have anemia. Let us tell you that more than half of the children who die in India less than 5 years lose their lives due to micronutrients.
Anemia has a direct connection to the quality of food. Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) becomes due to this lack of iron. People from IDA are affected by all age groups. A survey showed that in 2005-06, there was anemia in children 69.5%. However, in 2015-2016, 58.5% of children were diagnosed with anemia. The rate of anemia is 63.5% among small children in Bihar. It is more than the national average. Double Fortified Salt (DFS) is the cure for deficiency among children.

What is DFS?
Diet of more the billion people in the country is lacking from the two major micro ingredients iron and iodine. but double fortified salt is a cure for all sort iron and iodine deficiency.

How anemia affecting the education?
Recently, researchers Marian Kramer, Abhijit Kumar, Santosh Kumar and Sebastian Vollmer in Bihar studied anemia using double fortified salt (DFS) to cook mid-day meals. Low haemoglobin levels, anemia gives an adverse effect on education and the presence of children in school. Researchers found that school children are showing statistically significant effects on haemoglobin and anemia. Using DFS in the midday meal lead to an increase in haemoglobin by 1.2%. Using DFS can decrease the chances of anemia by 20%. Compared to those students who were irregular in schools, regular children benefited greatly after the treatment. By spending 25 rupees a year can reduce the chances of anemia.
The result of this survey give out some amazing facts that if every child was given $ 0.36 (i.e. 25 rupees per child per year) to deliver DFS to around 14 thousand children. In this case, each child can be saved from dangerous anemia at a cost of 25 rupees annually using double fortified salt.

Who did the data research?
Morsel Research and Development Pvt Ltd, a renowned research firm of the country, has collected these data through a research. The Policy Commission has also appreciated it.

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