Pakistan violated human rights of Jadhav’s family, claims Sushma Swaraj

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In a rare occurence in Parliament on Thursday, Opposition and the government set aside political differences and united over the ongoing Kulbhushan Jadhav controversy. Addressing the Rajya Sabha at around 11 am on Thursday, Union Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj slammed Pakistan’s behaviour when the family of Kulbhushan Jadhav went to visit the alleged spy in Islamabad.

In a dramatic address to the Upper House, Swaraj said that the meeting between Jadhav, his mother Avanti Jadhav and wife Chetankul was meant to be a step forward in strengthening bilateral ties between India and Pakistan. Listing out the “atrocities” committed by Pakistan government and the officials when the two women went for the meeting, Swaraj said Pakistan used the occasion as a tool for propaganda.

“Pakistan had clearly assured us that media will not be allowed anywhere near Jadhav’s mother or wife. But the Pakistani media not only were given clear access to the venue of the meeting, they also hounded the two women and asked insensitive questions about Jadhav,” Swaraj said.

Reports had said that the family was forced to wait outside the Pakistan Foreign Office, which left them wide open for harassment by the Pakistani media. They were bombarded with questions like — “Aapke patidev ne hazaron begunah Pakistaniyo ke khoon se Holi kheli ispar kya kahengi? (your husband killed thousands of innocent Pakistanis, what do you have to say about that?)'” and “Aapke kya jazbaat hain apne kaatil bete se milne ke baad? (How do you feel after meeting your killer son?)”.

In an official statement on Wednesday, the Pakistan Foreign Office said a “metallic substance” was found in the shoes of the wife of Jadhav when she went to meet him in Islamabad. The shoes were retained by security officials prior to the meeting with the Indian death row prisoner. Commenting on the shoe controversy, Swaraj said that it is an absudity beyond any measure. “Jadhav’s wife boarded two flights before she reached the meeting venue. How can that be possible when she took a flight to Dubai first and then went to Pakistan. If no alarms were raised then, how did the Pakistan government discover something in the shoe? But Pakistan somehow found something “metallic” in it. It is an absurdity beyond measure,” Swaraj added. Calling the sentencing of Jadhav in Pakistan farcical, Swaraj said that Pakistan forced the two women to present themselves as widows in front of Jadhav and this shows the twisted mentality of the country.

“Pakistan forced the two women to change their clothes. Jadhav’s mother, who only wears sarees, was forced to wear salwar kameez. I called Jadhav’s mother this morning to get the facts right and asked whether she was asked to remove her mangalsutra as well. She told me she urged the authorities to let the mangalsutra be as it is the symbol of her marriage and she has never removed it. But that apparently did not matter to the Pakistani authorities,” Swaraj told the Rajya Sabha.

“I spoke to Jadhav’s mother and she told me that Kulbhushan first asked her about his father as he saw that she was not wearing my mangalsutra or sindoor. The mother and wife were showcased like widows to Kulbhushan.”

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