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Psychological Training shaped Umashanker’s character

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…said  the popular TV actor Avinesh Rekhi while talking to Deepali Agrahari. He was  recently in Lucknow for the promotion of his upcoming serial ‘tu sooraj, mai sanjh piyaji.’

In your young career as an actor, you have appeared in highly diverse roles, please tell us about the difficulties you have encountered while adapting to each role.

Difficulty and ease depends on a person’s aptitude. Some are able to adapt immediately, others will take time while there may be few who are not able to adapt at all! My role in the upcoming serial was quite challenging for me and in order to do justice to it, I had to undergo rigorous physical as well as psychological training. Further, the character speaks in pure Hindi so I read quite a few Hindi books and worked on my diction too. For physical fitness, I adhered to a strict diet plan and fitness regime, though I follow it in normal course  also but did it more intensely for the role.

Avinesh Rekhi
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You beat Sonu Sood and Sharman Joshi to be selected for the lead in this serial. How do you feel about it? (Read : http://www.bollywoodlife.com/news-gossip/avinash-rekhi-and-sahil-anand-join-the-cast-of-diya-aur-baati-hum-2)

Well, this is news for me! Even if it is true, I would say that everyone is different. In any case, those two are much senior to me and have already carved a niche for themselves in the industry while I have yet to walk miles in order to reach somewhere. I have always believed that there is nothing noble in being superior to the other person. True ability lies  in being superior to your former self.  I am a follower of Kaizen, which is a Japanese term meaning continuous improvement. I have learned to improve by changing my old habits and never compare myself with others.

Avinesh Rekhi
Avinesh Rekhi

Do you have a role-model in your life?

Yes, I follow my maternal uncle who is a businessman. He is a highly principled man. He is the one who inculcated reading habit in me and to be sincere towards my work and the people in my life. That is the reason I consider him my idol.

What type of roles would you not like to do?

I am comfortable playing all sorts of characters. It is good for an actor to explore and exploit his/her potential to the maximum.

Did you experience difficulty in landing positive roles after playing negative characters?

I have constantly played both positive and negative roles; even in the present serial I am in a positive role and I don’t feel as if I have been ‘typed’ as an actor.  Had that been the case, I would not be doing this role.

You have mostly done serious roles, so are you a serious person in real life too?

I am quite open with family and friends like most everyone else is; but otherwise I am an introvert and keep to myself at a new place and amidst strangers. I don’t talk or socialize much and neither I am over friendly. Even on the sets I don’t mingle much.

Tell us about your role in ‘tu sooraj, mai sanjh piyaji’ (you are the sun, I am the evening).

I am playing Umashanker who is a very simple and devout man; he is a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. He has his own principles which his family adhere to, but he doesn’t try to reform others. Umashanker is an ayurvedic doctor and runs a clinic  for males only as  his religious beliefs  do not  allow him to touch women outside his family.

Do you have a message for our readers?

I hope that you will shower as much  love and encouragement on the characters of the new serial as you did on the first part – ‘diya aur baati hum.’   On my part I can assure you that we (actors) will work doubly hard to provide you with quality entertainment!

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