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‘Ram Bhakt’ With A Difference

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A retired officer of the State Bank of India, Prem Narayan Mehrotra, is an avid devotee of Lord Ram and Hanuman. He is on a unique mission to change the lives of jail inmates by encouraging them to pen Ram’s name. Mehrotra regularly distribute blank copies in Lucknow jail and collects them when they are full. He believes that just repeatedly writing Ram’s name will get rid of all evils. Mehrotra says that Lord Hanuman is working through him to do such work. Shaily Asthana of the2is had a conversation with Prem Narayan Mehrotra:

When you started this journey?

I took VRS from State Bank of India in the year 2001. God always has a hand over me and I have penned 11 books in praise of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman in a unique way. In the year 2006 my first book was published. I organize Bhajan meets at old Hanuman Temple in Aliganj, Hanuman Setu temple and at 51 Shaktipeeth.

Lord Ram
Prem Narayan Mehrotra

How did such an idea of teaching about Lord Ram to the inmates originate?

I once had a chance of going to meet someone in the jail. When I came back, I suddenly had a feeling as if Lord Hanuman himself is asking me to do something for jailed inmates. I purchased a bundle of writing books went to the jail. I talked to the deputy jailer and started my work there. The inmates asked me to start a Bhajan meet in the jail also. Still the inmates are writing the name of the Lord Ram.

Did you ever face any objection from the inmates of the other religion?

Division on religious grounds is just made up by politicians in their own interests. Every inmate in the jail is just an ordinary person. There is no religion in jail, only prisoners.

What is your dream project?

I want to build a 101 feet tall Lord Hanuman’s Statue, and I am searching for suitable land for this purpose. I have faith in the people that they will support me and the financial aspect will also go smoothly. The statue will also serve as a tourist attraction in Lucknow also.

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