Rumours of carcass meat creates havoc among Kolkata’s Non-veg eateries

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Sale of non-vegetarian cuisine like mutton, chicken and pork dishes has halved across restaurants in Kolkata and its surrounding areas, reports TOI. This decline has prompted the Hotel and Restaurants’ Association of Eastern India (HRAEI) to issue an urgent advisory on Monday to its members asking them to stick to buying meat only from registered suppliers.

An unprecedented shift was witnessed during the weekend among customers as the demand for prawn, fish and vegetarian dishes rose. HRAEI members were reported saying people are reacting to “rumours” about carcass meat having made its way to city eateries from dumpyards near Kolkata.

The HRAEI President  Sudesh Poddar was quoted by the English daily, saying”Respectable eateries, including our members, don’t procure meat from dubious sources. Smaller eateries may buy chicken and mutton from roadside vendors or suppliers from the city fringes who are now under the scanner. Frozen meat is now suspect and we have requested all restaurants not to use them. But the drop in the sale of non-vegetarian food is a worry”.

owners of popular non-veg joints too are facing a major setback as more than 60 % drop in the sale has been reported.

HRAEI has  issued a warning saying that they might take strict action if any eatery is caught buying carcass meat. The rumour regarding carcass meat has created a havoc among sellers as well as buyers and needs to be stopped the soonest possible.

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