Sell your Shit and earn in lacs

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Sydney: If you’re looking for an opportunity to make some extra cash with something you have been doing for free all your life, here’s a lucrative opportunity. Poop has become a commodity, and people selling their’s are raking in the dough. You can actually make 8 lacs a year selling your shit.

The Centre for Digestive Diseases is in desperate need of your poop. And while it might sound a little awkward — it could actually save a life.

The Five Dock Clinic centre is running low on stool donations, which they treat and develop into capsules to treat help those with various gastrointestinal diseases.

Stool donations are processed by mixing fresh stool with a stabilising solution, then freeze-dried and the powder placed into capsules, They have a higher concentration of healthy bacteria, which is necessary to treat the diseased bowel.

What the donors need to do:

Donors will need to provide a number of samples by dropping them off at the clinic, but they will be compensated. This donation might earn you 50 Australian dollars per delivery.

The Centre of Digestive Disease medical director Professor Thomas Borody said the capsules could help change lives. A diverse bacterial community full of good bacteria is needed to overtake the bad bacteria that may be causing the illness.

For more information on donating call 9713 4011.

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