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Shun Fat for A Health Heart

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If you had believed that consumption of cream and butter was okay as long as you simply walk for 22 minutes daily, better think again. Doctors and fitness trainers warn that walking does not burn calories and fat in any form in unhealthy. A report by Deepali Agrahari for ‘The2is’.

A study published in British Journal has said that a walk for 22 minutes is sufficient to burn all those calories you get in cream and butter. But Dr. Aseem Malhotra of Lister Hospital of University College London, Prof. Rita Redberg, a cardiologist and Dr. Sumit Kumar Mishra of KGMedical University, Lucknow disagree. They firmly say that exercise and yoga are the only ways to cut accumulated body fat. Fat rich junk food is certainly harmful to health, they add.

Dr. Satendra Pratap Singh, cardiologist says that any type of fat rich food is bad for health. He stresses that highly polluted ambiance directly affects the functioning of our hearts. A 22 minutes’ walk and keeping away from fat rich food can surely help us lead a healthy life, Says Dr. Singh.

Dr. Rajiv Rastogi, another cardiologist,  does not agree with the total ban on fat rich food. He says that homemade Ghee is better than the Ghee made from vegetable oils. Butter is not bad as long as it is unsalted.

Shamsheer, a fitness trainer is of view that walking long distances is certainly lowered risk of heart diseases.

 Recipe For A Sturdy Heart

200-250 grams of bottle gourd juice mixed with mint or basil (tulsi) leaves taken on an empty stomach or after half an hour of breakfast reduces the risks of heart diseases. The Omega-3 present in the almond oil, walnut as well as in cashew nuts also prevents heart diseases.

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