Size Does matter – For Condoms

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Indian men are using condoms which are unfit for them! Yes, this is true. Condoms being sold in the country are not made as per average Indian male’s “size.” According to Indian Council of Medical research (ICMR), about 60% males in India want small size condoms. Dharmendra Tripathi reports that the condoms being sold in Indian market are oversized and this is leading to frustration among users as well as contributing in spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Usually, condoms are made according to international size and standards, taking into account average penis size. According to a study by Ulster University of North Ireland, the average size of penis of African adult male is 16 centimeters followed by European and American males with 12.9 to 14.7 centimeters respectively. The average size of Indian male’s penis is 10 centimeters. The average size in the world is 5 to 7 inches (12.7 to 17.78 centimeters).

Sunil Mehra, former Editor of Maxim magazine (Indian edition), opines that although the Indian males have a shorter size but it is not et all a cause of worry. However, Dr Chander Puri, a sexologist says that ill-fitting condoms do have an adverse impact. Sometimes such contraptions get torn or just slip away resulting in pregnancies. Dr. Puri says that loose condoms cause frustration among users which ultimately leads to avoidance of condoms. Dr. Puri adds that out of every 5 condoms, 3 are either are torn or get removed during intercourse. He suggests that the government should install condom vending machines dispensing condoms of different sizes. Dr. Puri also said that condoms of various sizes are available in market but people are not aware of it.

African Males on top

To find out whether Africans are really much bestowed in comparison with Asian males, Ulster University of North Ireland conducted a survey in 116 countries. The result confirmed the myth of African manhood. The survey involved 20 African countries such as Ghana, Gabion, Jamaica, Haiti and Congo. According to the study, North and South Korean males fare in the bottom of the ‘size’ list.

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