Some astonishing facts about these creepy crawlies

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New Delhi: Cockroaches are mostly seen during the rainy season. These creepy crawlies ranging from grey to red can be found all around the house and disgust everyone.  So let us give you some important information related to these filthy creatures.

30 types of cockroaches live with humans

Yes, there are 30 types of cockroaches who live with humans. There are around 4500 known species of cockroaches so far. These insects contain the Blateria group which means that cockroaches and termites belong to the same family.

“Cockroach” is derived from Spanish

The word cockroach comes from the “Kunkara’  a  Spanish word which means small worm. the creature got its name “Cockroach” for the very first time in Mexico. 

What the cockroach likes

The  Cockroaches, however, eat everything, but they like sweet things and meat. Cockroaches release some chemicals with their stool, from which the rest of the cockroaches get to know where food can be found.

Just like the owls even cockroaches don’t like exposure to  light

As the owl keeps awake in the night, the cockroaches too do not like the light of the day. The cockroaches come out only when it is dark. There are hundreds of lenses in their eyes. With these lenses the cockroaches get a clear vision even in the dark. However, cockroaches found in Asia can also be seen during the day. These species of cockroach get lured by the light.

A cockroach as big as the mouse of your computer!

The Australian giant Baroising Cockroach is the largest cockroach in the world. Its size can be as big as the computer’s mouse. At the same time, a cockroach found in Florida, America, takes the air from the breathing holes in their body and pulls out the air and makes the sound of birds fluttering. These Greenhouse cockroaches produce their offsprings without the help of their male counterparts. 

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