Spend quality time with Sunny Leone in just 2500 US$

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Mumbai:  Sunny Leone a former porn star and has lately been trying her luck in the Bollywood industry. None of her films has so far been able to hit the box office. Sunny Leone took to social media to invite her fans for a lunch date with the actress. The former porn star is going to provide  her fans with an opportunity to meet and interact with her.

The cause

Last week, the actress took to Twitter to invite her fans for a lunch date. She took to the platform to provide an opportunity to meet and interact with her fans and as mentioned by her it was for a cause. The actress is supporting a cause that works for the treatment of leukaemia and lymphoma patients. But besides encouraging this initiative, did you know that Sunny is aiming at raising $2500 (1.75 lakh Rs)  from it too.

The duration for which you can spend quality time with Sunny 

Sunny Leone is indeed taking time out for this initiative. The duration of the said charity event is expected to be only for two hours. The said charity will be organized in a bidding format wherein the highest bidder will get an opportunity to have a lunch date with Sunny. Sunny Leone  has confirmed her support for the cause. She has stated in recent reports that she would definitely feel good by contributing to the society and will do whatever help she can.

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