Stories that will take center stage in India in 2018

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As we bid farewell to 2017, the new year holds a great future for India. 2018 will be significant for the country in more than one way: Eight states will go to elections including major states like Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan which will vote and choose their respective governments. Not only that, 2018 election results will eventually pave the way and set the tone for 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

In terms of sports, next year will be big for almost all major sports India plays — cricket, hockey, badminton — with round-the-year action. The headline sporting event of the year, though, will be the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Closing its domestic season on a high, decimating almost every international team, Indian cricket team is all set to begin its overseas campaign in South Africa.

A look into what the future holds for India in 2018

Goal for Indian sport in 2018: win, build, establish

2018 has major sporting events in store for everyone. Cricket, Football, Athletics will bind the spectators not only to stadiums but also to their television and mobile screens. While Indians can sit back and revel in the neutral’s corner during the World Cup, they will, hopefully, have reason to bite their nails during the Commonwealth Games in April and the Asian Games in August-September. With the advent of online streaming, sports will become popular in remotest corners of the country.

In coming year of AI, your computer could start feeling your emotions

India has taken a leap in technology over the years, launching of 104 satellites in one mission is one example which clearly displays its technical prowess. The advent of artificial intelligence, driverless cars and sending humans to the moon is on the cards. Smartphone technology and innovation seemed to have plateaued in 2017; cutting-edge improvements in display technology, including foldable and bendable devices, could come by the end of 2018.

What the return of quadrilateral says about India and emerging Asian geopolitics

As India emerges as a powerful nation globally, it has a much wider and an impactful role in the south-east Asia region. The return of the quadrilateral stands a testament to that fact. The concept of quadrilateral cooperation among India, Japan, Australia and US is inextricably linked to China’s emergence as a great power, whose unilateralism drives Asian nations to band together.

Tejas and beyond: How short the IAF is of fighters, what options it has now

The Indian Air Force which should ideally have a standing capacity of 42 squadrons is running on the backs of just 31. With the global air warfare becoming much more synchronised, attack based and stealth, IAF looks at boosting its strength by induction of indigenously developed HAL Tejas. By the end of 2018, HAL is expected to produce five aircraft per year. Which means it is only in 2020 that the IAF will get its first 20 fighters, and if delivery of the next 20 starts in 2021, it will get them by 2023.

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