Even in times of Netflix and Amazon Television seem to reign

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The average person around the world spent nearly three hours a day in front their television last year, according to a report released on Monday (April 9). Eurodata TV Worldwide said that television viewing was holding up despite more and more people watching online platforms like Netflix and Amazon. According to the reports

  • Americans and Canadians are the biggest TV addicts because on an average they daily watch four hours and three minutes.
  • European viewers came next, watching three hours 49 minutes a day

“The length of time people watch television is holding up despite the growing availability of online content,” said its vice-president Frederic Vaulpre as the report was presented at MIPTV, the world’s biggest TV market in Cannes, France.

“There was a slight fall in TV viewing in North America and Asia, but it is still growing in South America and in Europe, it is maintaining historically high levels,” he added.

 Asians watch less TV than any of the other major markets, spending two hours 25 five minutes in front of the box. In China that drops to two hours 12 minutes.

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