The new Halal Sex manual is a guide to Mind-Blowing Sex

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Lucknow: “The Muslimah Sex Manual: A Halal Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex” is a handbook for Muslim women on how to lead full, worthwhile sex lives.  It comforts the readers with some beginners notes on how to kiss, construct a dirty text message and engage in foreplay, reported. Then, the author dives into different sexual positions, bondage and even masochism.

Why did Muladhat write this book

A friend of the author’s first inspired her to write the book. A fellow married Muslim woman, Muladhat’s pal sought her out for advice, revealing that she knew how to have sex, technically, but didn’t know what her husband really wanted in bed and couldn’t say what she liked, either, the author said on her website. So Muladhat taught her friend everything she knew about sex from her relationship with her husband, “fervently hoping that it would help her in her marital life.

Women  shouldn’t be ashamed to enjoy Sex

The book was independently published in mid-July and well received, hailed as a “welcome step” by The Telegraph. Its central message is that a Muslim woman should enjoy her sex life and not be ashamed of having one — even an adventurous one — with her husband.

The book describes almost 100 sex positions
The manual details myriad ways to engage a partner, and lists around 100 positionscowgirl, reverse cowgirl, final furlong, Amazon, among them. Some couples never move beyond missionary position. If that’s what you two enjoy, that’s perfectly fine! However, not every couple wants to stay vanilla every time.

The key rules to Halal Sex

There are some key rules to follow which complies with halal sex:

  • no anal sex
  • no sex outside marriage
  • no penetration during menstruation
  • no pornography.

“Porn is a lie, it is one of the worst ways to learn about sex.” writes the author.

In Muladhat’s Muslim-practicing home growing up, she never felt like sex was something to associate with guilt. And now, she and her husband lead an exciting, fulfilling sex life.

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