Know the reasons due to which our brain starts getting old early

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Mukta Kaushik
Costa Mesa (California)  : Our brain is faster than the superfast computer. In a fraction of seconds it searches for reaction to our every action, but with advancing age, our brain also slows down. It behaves just like a computer which when new works fast but after a few years of work, it starts getting slow as it becomes old. A research was being conducted in America where the circumstances
under which our brain slows down were identified.

Who Did the Research?
This research was done in the American state of California by Amen Clinics, Google, John Hopkins University, and the University of California. To get evidence of old, slow brain they collected 62,454 brain scan samples that belonged to 30,000 people ranging from 9 months to 105 years old. This brain scan is called “Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography”.

What does the Researcher’s say?
The lead researcher of this team was Dr. Daniel Amen who is a psychiatrist. According to Daniel, the research was conducted to find out whether the brain gets old with age or are there any reasons which make brain old in lesser age. Another question that was being researched was that what the correct treatment is for slowing down brain decay.

Research suggests that

In people suffering from schizophrenia, the brain starts slowing down 4 years before than what is the time period for normal people. In case of people who consume cannabis the time period is 2.8 years, for bipolar disorder, this time period is 1.6 years, for people suffering from ADHD the time period is 1.4 years whereas for people who consume alcohol this period is 6 months. According to an
associate of Amen in this research, Sachit Egan, it became clear that the amount of blood supplied to the brain in different age can determine how we can make our mind to work well over a long period of time.

Now Research proves that Dust and Smoke Reduces Age Considerably

Austin- In the American state of Texas, a research has been conducted which tells us that due to air pollution our age gets reduced considerably. This type of research has been conducted for the first time which determines how much age is reduced due to dust and smoke.

Where this research took place

This research was conducted by America’s University of Texas, Cockrell School of Engineering. This research was done by Joshua Apte and his team. This team collected data from 185 countries and observed the effect of P.M. 2.5 on people.

Results of the research were
Researchers found that the P.M. 2.5 and particles less than that have effects on the human body. They found that these particles stick to our lungs and continuous exposure to these particles leads to breathing problems. These can also give rise to diseases like heart attack, stroke, asthma, and cancer. The P.M. 2.5 reaches air through coal-fired powered plants, smoke released from the vehicles, the burning of crop residue and from industrial waste.

According to researchers
According to Assistant Professor Apte, Cockrell School of Engineering, the main cause of air pollution in the whole world is P.M. 2.5 and particles smaller than that. Due to this, every year lakhs of people in the world over are dying. The coming generations are also at risk due to this increasing pollution. They found out that due to pollution in the world over the average life expectancy has decreased and people are dying much earlier than the expected age at which person dies.

Gave Example of India and China
Apte and his team gave an example of India and China. According to the research if air pollution levels in India and China are reduced the people who die at the age of 60 years at present would live till the age of 85 years or more.

OMG: Every year many people die due to drinking alcohol.

Washington- If you are a habitual drunkard than this post is for you. Recent research has concluded that out of many deaths occurring over a year in the world, lakhs of them are a result of alcohol consumption.

What does the Research Say?
According to research published in the Lancet Journal, every year in the world on an average 28 lakh people die due to alcohol. Out of 10 people dying in the age group of 15-49, 1 dies due to alcohol consumption. This death statistics are collected from 195 countries. The University of Washington conducted this Research
According to Dr. Max Griswold who headed this research, it does not mean that people who consume less alcohol are at less risk. According to him, alcohol consumption has serious consequences for our health and it can also cause cancer.

Earlier Research was wrong
Griswold further stated that earlier researches stated that less amount of alcohol consumption is good for health but we have found that even less amount of alcohol is harmful to our body. It does not only causes cancer but due to alcohol consumption, people become prone to incidents and other harmful diseases. If women consume alcohol there are more chances for them to get a heart attack.

These Much people consume alcohol
In research, it has been seen that in the world over out of 3 people 1 is drinking which means 32.5% people are consuming alcohol. Out of this 9 lakh are females and 15 lakh are males. Every day on average women consumes 0.73 drinks and males consumes 1.7 drink. Due to this in the year 2016 2.2% females and 6.8% males died prematurely.

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