The two youngsters earned 20 crores by selling T-shirts online

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  • Online T-shirt brand ‘Young Trend’ was launched in 2015, and will now open its offline store in New Delhi.

New Delhi: Generally it is said that there is an age to earn money, but at the age of 20, two friends have proved this wrong. You will be surprised to know that they started their business only during the study and earned Rs 20 crore in just three years and that too  just by selling T-shirts. Pravin and Sindhuja displayed their work at National Institutes of Fashion Technology (NIFT)

How they started with the buisiness

Praveen K. R. from Bihar and Sindhuja From Hyderabad, started with this buisiness during their studies itself. While they were studying in NIFT both of them thought of starting with their own business. The e-commerce market was booming in the year 2015, so both of them started the online clothing brand ‘Young Trend’ and kept its price between only Rs 250-600. the cost effectiveness of the brand earned them a lot of profit. 

They started the brand with just Rs 10 lakh

Business started with 10 million Both friends started their online T-shirt business in September 2015 by investing 10 lakh rupees. Within two months, they started selling their products on the online market platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, Woolnick and Paytm. They later created their own e-commerce website. 25,000 ‘young trend’  T-shirts were sold on Flipkart during the 2017 Festive Sale. They also sold T-shirt in their college fest Initially. 

Turnover now has reached 20 crore

Now, Praveen and Sindhuja’s  startup  gets about 1,000 t-shirt orders every day. Their gross merchandise value has reached 20 million rupees without any venture capital. The price of their product ranges from Rs 250 to Rs 600. Today there are over 3,500 products on their e-commerce platform. The annual turnover has reached 20 million rupees. After achieving the online success, they are now preparing to open offline stores aswell.

They are planning to get into offline retail

Pravin and Sindhuja are now preparing to get into offline retail, after the success of their online T-shirt business. They will soon open their stores at various places. They are basically targeting the youth of 18 to 28 years because they like trending designs.

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