This is why Indian women are becoming obese

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New Delhi: Vitamin-D deficiency is a major public health problem worldwide. The deficiency is leading to increased incidence of obesity and diabetes among Indian women, according to a study published in British Medical Journal (BMJ). The study was conducted by researchers from AIIMS, Diabetes Foundation of India and National Diabetes, Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation.

Women in India more vulnerable to vitamin D deficiency

Several studies in India have shown a high prevalence of the deficiency and its association with obesity. However, the latest study concentrates on women. The researchers behind the study argue that women in India are more likely to have the deficiency as many of them are confined to households and have clothing patterns that reduce exposure to sunlight.

What the findings show

  • The journal indicates that 68.6% of women in India are vitamin-D ‘deficient’, whereas almost 26% have been marked ‘insufficient’.
  • Only 5.5% of women in this country have the vitamin in sufficient amount.
  • The findings point to high vitamin-D deficiency among women in north India, particularly those in the lower socio-economic strata.

Doctors believe that a simple, cost-friendly Vitamin-D supplementation would prevent diabetes in many women.

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