Want to loose weight start chewing ‘gum’

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Tokyo: Are you bothered by obesity? Have trouble walking? Do you start losing breath after a swift walk? You want to reduce obesity, but there is no benefit from all the exercises. Do not worry a recent study suggests that eating chewing gum yes, according to a recent research, you can overcome obesity.

How does chewing gum help overcoming obesity

It is said that chewing gum maintains muscular tissue of the face. Chewing gum chewers do not have wrinkles on their faces, but chewing gum is helpful in getting rid of obesity as well.  This is the result of a research done in Japan. According to this research, if you walk chewing a gum, more calories are eliminated and you become puffed up.

What the research says

46 people participated in this research. This sample size includes men and women from 21 to 69 years of age. All of them had the body mass index ie BMI from 22 to 30. All these 46 people were divided into two parts. Members of one group chewed two chewing gum for 15 days. The members of the second group were given the ingredients of chewing gum by mixing them in water, they were not given the gum for chewing. All members were asked to walk for 15 minutes every day. After this, trial energy consumption observation was recorded according to their heartbeat and walking speed.

The research results suggest that calorie burn, but people over 40 years old have found that after chewing gum, they eliminate 2 calories more. While there was no major change observed in women. According to researchers, for more information about the lack of fatigue due to chewing gum, this research will be done on more people.

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