When today’s hot and humid Madras froze two hundred years back

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Chennai: Have you ever visited Madras or Chennai? So you must have seen the weather there. There is no cold in December-January also. The sweater is even not needed, but you will be surprised to know that some 200 years ago Madras had such a cold that people were trembling.

Why was Madras cold?
This incident of freezing in Madras was born in 1815. At Madras in the morning on April 24, the temperature was 11 degree Celsius. The temperature dropped drastically on 28 April 1815 and the minus reached 3 degrees Celsius. It is also said that during this time Madras had fallen to snow. However, it could never be confirmed. Because of this, people from Madras were facing shivering cold. The reason for this extreme cold in Madras was the Mount Tambora volcano of Indonesia. The volcano, which was 4300 meters high, was cracked on April 10, 1815, and about 12,000 people living near it were killed. The sound of the volcano burst was so tremendous that it was heard 2 thousand kilometres away. There was so much dust and ashes from the volcano that it choked the sunlight. These dust and ash reached near Madras and due to the absence of sunlight, there was a cold in Madras.
The summer season did not come across the world
Dust and ash that reached the sky in the Mount Tambora blast were not limited to the surrounding countries only. These dust and ashes spread all over the world and due to this, in the year 1816, there was no summer season anywhere in the whole world. India has not reached monsoon this year and agriculture has been destroyed. According to an estimate, by this change in the weather, around 70 thousand people worldwide lost their lives due to diseases.

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