Why that cup of tea, first thing in the morning isn’t right…

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Lucknow: Indians get seriously offended once you start talking adversely of tea. Most of us can just not imagine a morning without chai. Tea-drinkers are so addicted to it that unless they get a satisfactory dose, they are irritable and groggy throughout the day.  Not just in the comforts of your houses but you may easily find piping hot tea being sold at every gali and nukkad throughout the day. This has made India one of the largest tea drinking country in the world with a consumption of 837,000 tonnes of it per year.

As soon as we wake up, the first thing that goes into our stomach should be such that it allows the cells to get a fresh start, boost the metabolism and create a favourable environment for the digestion and absorption of nutrients throughout the day. In a conversation with the2is.com, doctors in Lucknow pointed out certain detrimental impact that morning tea can  have on your health

Increased acid production:

Our Stomach produces acid (HCl) to digest food and even at rest or in the fasting state, the pH of the stomach is between 1-2 i.e. acidic. Once the last meal of the day is digested and absorbed, the pH returns to the fasting state. The first thing consumed in the morning after the overnight fast should be such that it helps to neutralize the acidic environment of the stomach rather than increase acid production.

Cause dehydration:

Tea and coffee are diuretics which means that they cause more water to be flushed out of the body. These beverages result in water to be drawn out from the tissues causing dehydration. After an overnight fast wherein we are already dehydrated, drinking a beverage that causes further loss of water is counter-productive to good health.

Cause indigestion: 

While we sleep, our digestive processes also slow down. As we wake up, we need to give the system also some time to wake up and start working to its full capacity. In such a situation, eating or drinking something that can be easily digested and absorbed is better than loading the body with foods that will take more time and effort for digestion. Tea contains milk which requires longer time for digestion and is not the ideal first food for the stomach.

Dr Sialesh Chandra  a general physician from, Lucknow mentioned that more than 4 cups of tea in a day can increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Hence one should avoid drinking numerous cups of tea in a day.

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