Will Yeddyurappa break Jagdambika Pal’s record for the shortest chief ministerial records

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Bengaluru: The day old CM of Karnataka B S Yeddyurappa  has been asked by the Supreme Court to take floor test tomorrow at 4 pm. If he fails to win the vote of confidence history will repeat itself. Back in November 2007, Yeddyurappa enjoyed a seven-day tenure as chief minister, incidentally, is not the shortest chief ministerial tenure in Independent India . This has reminded us of what happened 20 years back in Uttar Pradesh.

1998 Uttar Pradesh

On 21 February, 1998, Jagdambika Pal took oath of office as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh after the Kalyan Singh government was dismissed by then governor Romesh Bhandari. As reported by Rediff on the day, Pal was given until 24 February to prove his majority in the state Assembly. As a case study, the political ferment that has engulfed Karnataka has parallels in Uttar Pradesh in 1998. Kalyan Singh was the chief minister in Lucknow and IK Gujral the United Front’s prime minister in Delhi.

Atal Bihari was on Fast till death

Atal Bihari Bajpayee , leader for the opposition went on a fast till death against the decision of the governor . The  Allahabad court gave issued an order to 24 February to prove his majority in the state Assembly. Jagdambika Pal’s chief minister tenure lasted less than 48 hours, a record that stands till today, over 20 years later.

Two CMs sitting simultaneously at the Secretariat

When the court order arrived,  Kalyan Singh reached the CM secretariat, When Jagdambikal Pal came to know that Kalyan Singh is holding a cabinet meeting at the secretariat he too reached there by 5pm and that  was the moment when two CMs were present at the secretariat. After receiving a written order from  the high court Jagdambika Pal  backed off from the CM’s position and left the secratariat, and Kalyan Singh was on the winning side.

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