Woman divorced over WhatsApp

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Amidst the row over triple talaq bill in Parliament, another woman alleged she has been divorced through triple talaq on mobile phone using WhatsApp.

The woman said her husband, who is in Saudi Arabia, had sent a voice recording in which he accused her of having relations with another man and pronounced talaq thrice. The woman went to lodge an FIR with the police but couldn’t as the inspector concerned was not present at the time.

According to 28-year-old Nazia (name changed), who is resident of Gaus Nagar area in Kareli, she was married to Mohammad Arif of Mahewa Purabpatti area of Naini in June 2009. She alleged that her in-laws started harassing her over different issues, including dowry, soon after their marriage. Later she also came to know that Arif was previously married to a girl in Rewa district and had divorced her a few years back. Arif went to Saudi Arabia while the harassment of Nazia continued at the hands of her in-laws. She said he also took her passport on the pretext of taking her to Saudi Arabia. Nazia said she was finally thrown out of the house in May 2016 after which she started living with her family.

“To insult my family, Arif even used to call my late father when he was alive and inform him that he had tortured me. I endured thrashings several times at the hands of my husband and in-laws for several years but still tried to maintain the relation. My husband and in-laws insulted me for belonging to a poor family,” said Nazia who has no issues out of the marriage.

She said on December 18, 2017 Arif sent a voice recording in which he made false allegations of she having relations with a man and pronounced triple talaq to her. Nazia called her father-in-law Mohammad Yunus and informed him about the incident but he sided with his son and instead told her to take Rs 30000 as compensation.  One of the brother-in-laws of Nazia, Ismail, who also lives in Saudi Arabia, also called her and threatened her and her family.

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