Yeddyurappa’s floor test: All eyes on 20 lingayat MLAs

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Bengaluru: All eyes will be on 18 Lingayat MLAs from Congress and two from JD(S) when CM B S Yeddyurappa takes the floor test in the assembly on Saturday. Many BJP leaders think Lingayat MLAs from the two opposition camps might cross-vote in favour of the trust vote, keeping in mind their own political future and to avoid incurring the community’s wrath.

A state BJP insider said the party is hoping to lure a few Lingayat MLAs and claimed that there was deep-rooted discontent within the community over Congress’s preelection gamble to divide them.

“Lingayat MLAs were already upset with Congress for its effort to divide the community. They are even more upset now with the party deciding to go with JD(S), which is seen as anti-Lingayat. More importantly, they (Lingayat MLAs) don’t want to be blamed for denying the CM’s post to Yeddyurappa, who the community considers its leader,” said a BJP MLA.

The legislator said BSY’s appeal to MLAs to vote as per their conscience during the trust vote, soon after he took oath as CM on May 17, was aimed at luring Lingayat MLAs from the opposition camp.

“Many Congress MLAs, especially from North Karnataka, feel that Yeddyurappa’s defeat will only consolidate Lingayat votes behind BJP ahead of Lok Sabha elections. The possibility of a mid-term election to the assembly cannot be ruled out either, given the lack of trust between Congress and JD(S). All these things will come into play when voting takes place on Saturday,” said another BJP functionary.

Supreme Court turns down Congress plea, Bopaiah to remain pro-tem Speaker
Supreme Court turns down Congress plea. Suggests all channels live telecast the floor test. KG Bopaiah will remain the pro-tem Speaker and conduct the floor test. The floor test is scheduled to happen at 4 pm today.

Anand Singh and Pratap Gouda Patil—two Congress MLAs who have been ‘missing’ since the election results were announced are not in the assembly, reports CNN News18.

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